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 Welcome To Body Mods!

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PostSubject: Welcome To Body Mods!   Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:23 pm

Just a foreword (written by our lovely Lily):

- We as a forum do nor condone self piercing or tattooing so please refrain from asking for tips or advice here. This is a dangerous and unsanitary practice. Of course, if you are a professionally trained piercer or tattoo artist go right ahead.

- This section is for body mods! Implants, tattoos, piercings, dermal punches, scarification, suspension and what have you! If you have photos that are gruesome I ask you to pretty please put a warning up (in the subject line) in case some weak stomached person comes along and stumbles on some photos of, say a scarification in progress. Also, please put them under a spoiler!

- You WILL be polite, courteous and respectful to every other member of the forum, be you mod, admin or neither. Rudeness, useless comments or ignorance will be edited it so it says DENIED in huge red letters, to remind you not to be rude. You have been warned.

We have lots of ladies that know a bit about piercings and tattoos: Lily (girloflowers) Kiki (our Admin), Alexa (Alexa Nightmare) Tarren (xxmissyxx) and Alanna (Larlelar) are just a few! If you have any questions, they're the ladies to ask! Wink

Thank you for taking the time out to read this, now go post your Body Mods!!

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Welcome To Body Mods!
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