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 Dainty Doll makeup review!!

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PostSubject: Dainty Doll makeup review!!   Mon Dec 15, 2008 4:08 pm

Dainty Doll the foundation from Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud specially made for us pale girls!
Nicola Roberts Pictures, Images and Photos
Nicola Roberts Pictures, Images and Photos

FINALLY GOT IT TODAY! Been wanting this shiz for ages and it finally came today. I really really like it and its the first foundation i've found that doesn't leave my skin with that orangey tinge (which i feel i get sometimes from mac) Whats the bad news? 12.00 for a tiny pot from asos which meant paying an another 3.50 for shipping! Consarn it.

I love it tho. It covered the redness on my skin nicely, its a creamy formula so it goes on nice and smooth. Felt a bit itchy when I put it on so I was kinda like fuckkk but it's totally fine now so thats defo good!

I thot I would put a youtube vid up (even tho lets face it there are far too many youtube makeup vids out there) because I couldn't find any for this product and I wanted to get the word out about how much it rules.