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 Buncha Mini-Poems

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PostSubject: Buncha Mini-Poems   Fri May 02, 2008 6:36 pm

#1)Yours or mine? Either way, one of us must go.
dont think this didnt happen for a reason.
But no faith means never having to say youre sorry.

#2)id rather be a devil.
id rather be a devil than a peasant.
but id rather be myself given the choice.
shed the tears, shed the blood.
in the end, well in the just wont matter...

thats how you become great.
you put yourself out there.
thats true, it has to be.
no one becomes great by standing idly by.
your comfort zone is your prison.
i know this but i still live in my own.
most, if not all of what i say is bullshit.
i tell people i can write, but thats not true.
i write better than the average person
but i cant write anything that matters.
and thats the problem really
its not about writing, its not about my lack of talent,
its not about my looks.
personality? hell no.
i dont understand what matters,
i dont understand whats relevant.
and i think its because im too scared
to show what i think really matters.

#4)i write in cliches.
your typical sad teeny-bopper.
your standard "pity-me-i-lost-myself"
average jane, wannabe rockstar superhero.
but the truth is i dont understand my own reality.
Lets make decisions based on our dreams.
i think that way. its dangerous. necessary? maybe.
im sure i have some redeeming qualities,
but to my best efforts, i fail to know them.
i live in cliches.
20 years old.
Get on that career track.
30 years old.
how bout them kids?
40 years old.
my bones are aching.
50 years old.
retirements calling.
i want nothing more than to not be this cliche.
i want it all.
the talent, the art, the life, the boy
the cars, the style, the fame, the friends.
I want fucking gas money.
I want everything i cant have.
Lets make it happen.

Ive been writing like mad really glad with how my works been turning out...

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PostSubject: Re: Buncha Mini-Poems   Fri May 02, 2008 7:03 pm

I really like the fourth one. Its starting to make me think.
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Buncha Mini-Poems
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