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 2 new poems

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PostSubject: 2 new poems   Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:13 pm

Thanks for looking. I can't really explain what the first one is about without writing an essay, but the second one is about how I went crazy in Boston essentially. I don't know if you all know the story of my life or what, but essentially I am bipolar and had to drop out of college in Boston because I was in such a bad place. That was when my boyfriend really pulled through and moved home to western mass with me/took me too doctors/etc.
I feel the poem makes less sense without knowing this? Anyway, please let me know what you think.

Night stories

The weird feelings of childhood nights cuts through the thin air,
hanging sleepless between worlds,
there is no resting place.
Furniture that was once mine,
silhouetted in my brain
and in the dark doorway mouth.

I thought of the girl
with her secret smile, and how in vanished,
and the odd contours of the young at night.
They can play tricks on us,
shape shifting into the background,
and their lips follow them into ashes,
into a sky of void.
There are no directions except inwards.
No maps have traced these stars and I learn them of you knee freckles,
and in pagan rock circles.
As a child of heathens Id hide in them,
invisible in mud face paint, angry letters etched in angry eyes, for our war-dances,
savage rituals that leave you full.

And night spins together like the illusion of a bird trapped.
Grandmothers voice advice through the wallpaper, cracks deeper than the lines in her face.
She has not forgotten her shackles, her voice is hanging with rope.
I am her captive, but the world holds her into the house.
The bells there ring inward.

I wait for the break, the sound I know well,
from songs I would sing and mouth the words.
Only music leaks and leaps from the school yard,
and things that crawl up my spine fill me.
I dig them out and curl up in secret to read them.

You do not believe me, for I display my feathers like her mother,
a bluebird,
who lives in picture frames.
Stories tall as redwoods,
branching out to brush my face.
But I choose to sleep in nests, and let my eyes run black,
and burn my hands learning how hot water can grown before it turns to steam.

The vines holding us are human hair.
You do not mind it much and I only see you,
no reflection in the ripples.
I fall like a pebble and swallow them to sleep.


After a year

Creatures crawl though their underground tunnels
I and you, move like worms beneath the rotted city,
our gray hands clasped together, as worlds flash by the windows.
I wish we could share this one,
not count down the mornings, steaming cups of coffee, lines in the sheets, each one the last.
We sleep enclosed below bricks, dream of lost hours and cedar floors in houses weve never seen.
And time cannot be counted, or seen at all, spread out thin around us,
spread out to eternity,
not moving in nauseating leaps like a subway car.
Our bodies travel against the tides of sand and time,
and people who creep into holes and fill them with light.
We peer into houses, not our own.

Also pimping the webpage per usual:
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PostSubject: Re: 2 new poems   Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:20 am

I'm not much of a poem critic, but I do like them Very Happy
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2 new poems
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