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PostSubject: Fables   Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:56 am

Making it a personal exercise to write a short fable each day - if I keep to it long enough I'll probably rewrite and expand them for something I can try publishing. I'll post more if people are interested, but here's three to get you started. See what morals you draw from them or just make a comment.

The Beaver and the Birds

A BEAVER refused to build a lodge, afraid to fell nearby trees lest there be Birds nested in them. The Birds were grateful and hatched many times their usual young. At last, however, winter arrived and food became scarce. Without enough rations, all the chicks starved. Unable to shelter from the cold, the Beaver also froze.

The Peacock and the Pigeon

A PEACOCK captivated by his own beauty defied any creature to best his display. None could match the bird’s majestic plumes. At last, however, a Pigeon challenged the Peacock. They were to compete for the honour of most beautiful bird, judged by all who witnessed. The Peacock accepted, and many animals gathered in curiosity. So rapt was the Peacock in their attention that he failed to see the Fox until it felled him entirely. Dragging his quarry, the Fox thanked the Pigeon for leading him to such a prize and promised to spare the Pigeon forevermore.

The Capitalist

A CAPITALIST was warned of a great flood that would engulf all the land and set about commissioning a ship. The vessel was built to accommodate any resident that could afford the price of salvation. Fear rained down upon the city as people fought their way aboard, and the Capitalist found that he was stranded without money or refuge. Lamenting his investment, he sheltered on higher ground. However, the waters fell sooner than expected and the townspeople were spared. Only those aboard the ship were lost – swept out to sea without captain or crew.
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